Saturday, June 1, 2013


This is a place to use your voice! Share your thoughts about how creating assignments with access to individual voice can enhance independent learning.

I really enjoyed learning about  I already have bundled a lot of lessons for science and am beginning to see how this can be a good resource for the classroom. With the standards changing for science, I am having to build a whole new collection of lessons and resources.   Teachers need support in all areas with Common core standards and this is a great tool to use for teachers, as well as for engaging students.  I'm hoping to make it available for students to use for assignments as well as resources for learning.


We have done a wax museum each year and this year we decided to have the students create a webpage of their person instead of a tri-fold.  We used Weebly to create a class webpage and then each student had their own tab.  The students had to read a biography and then use the information they read to create their page.  They had such a fun time time finding pictures and links to add to their page to make it more interactive.  On the day of our presentations, each kid dressed up and had a computer open to the page about their person.  The kids loved making a webpage that would be published and were so engaged in this project.  I can't wait to use it again!

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I have always found a challenging task to motivate students to work independently. This presentation gave me some simple ideas to encourage independent practice through the use of different sources. I just had the change to explore EDUCREATION and I actually found some practical ideas posted by other FL teachers. I also explored a little bit the KNOWMIA site and there are very interesting interactive assignments and video presentations that I could be a great tool to promote the students independent learning. I will keep clicking and exploring here and there. There are always new options that I haven't explored yet.

Phonemic Awareness Activities for a Kindergarten classroom

Today I created a bundle on that brings in several phonemic awareness activities that would help engage my Kindergarten students in developing their phonemic awareness skills. There are activities that focus on letter sounds, blending sounds, CVC words, and rhyming games to help build strong emergent skills. All of these activities follow the ELA C & C readiness standards for Kindergarten. I hope to share these activities through whole group, small group and independent learning activities depending on the availability or accessibility of  technology in my classroom. It is also my intent to share this with my colleagues as well.